Convention 2007

Department of Georgia
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States


Thursday-June 21, 2007

            2:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.   Registration

                                      7:00 P.M.   Memorial Service

                                              Council of Administration Meeting (Immediately Following Memorial Service)

Friday-June 22, 2007

8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.         Registration

                                8:30 A.M.        Joint Session

                                                          Presentation of:

                                                                                Convention Directors, Al Spears and Ann Johnson

                                                                                Posting of Colors – Griffin High School JROTC

                                                        Opening Ceremonies

                                                                              Department Commander, Ralph E. Thomas

                                                                              Department President, Sue Ann Noyes

                  8th District National Council Members,  Randy Coggins, Phyllis Hess

                  National Representatives,  Stephen Van Buskirk, Director of Programs, Youth/Special Projects
                                                                Stephanie Martin, National Community Service Director

                                                                               Presentation of Gavel to Commander Thomas

                                                                        Convening of Convention:  Ralph E. Thomas, State Commander  

Welcome Address: 

                   Chairman, Gwinnett County Commissioner, Charles Bannister
                   City of Norcross Mayor, Lillian Webb

                                                                Recognition of:

                                                                                U. S. Senator,  Saxby Chambliss  

                                                                                U. S. Representative,  Jim Marshall 

                                                                                Ft. Gillem 1st Army Commander, LTG Russell Honore

                                                                                Griffin High School JROTC Drill Team

                                                                                Chairman, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee,
                                                                                                 Georgia State Senate, Senator John Douglas

                    Chairman, Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee, Georgia House of Representatives,
                                                  Representative John Yates

                                                                                Georgia Department of Veterans Service,
                                                                                                 Commissioner Pete Wheeler

                                                                                Atlanta VA Regional Office, Director, Larry Burks

                    Veterans Integrated Service Network #7, Director, Lawrence Biro

                                                                                Atlanta VA Medical Center, Assistant Director, Orlando Dunson

                                                                                Augusta VA Medical Center, Director, James F. Trusley

                    Dublin VA Medical Center, Acting Director, Kelly Duke

                    Lake City VA Medical Center, Associate Director, Nancy Reissener

                    CAVHC, East Campus (Tuskegee), Director, Dr. Robert Ratliff

                                                                                Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home Augusta, Director, Charles Esposito

                                                                                Georgia War Veterans Home Milledgeville, Director, Morris Graybeal

                                                                                Georgia Veterans Day Parade, Andrew Wysor

                                                                                Grand Commander of the Military Order of the Cootie, Fred Bannister




                                                                Political Action Committee, David Pipes, Carol Coggins

                                                                Community Service,  H. Dwayne Epps, Dianne Tiller

                                                                Hospital, Wayne Hagan, Carolyn Hagan

                                                                Safety, Marshall Moore 

                                                                Youth Activities,  Randy McElroy, Penny Bowers

                                                                Americanism,  James Fitzpatrick, Betty Gramm

                                                                National Citations/Awards,  National Representatives,

    Stephen Van Buskirk, Stephanie Martin

                                                                Commander Ralph Thomas, President Sue Ann Noyes



                                                                                Outstanding Auxiliary and District President

                                                                                Outstanding Auxiliary, District and Department Chairman

                                                                                Awards presented by President Sue Ann Noyes and

        National Representative Stephanie Martin



All State Team of Post Commanders, Captain

                                                                                All State Team of Post Quartermasters, Captain        

                                                                                All State District Commanders

                                                                                Awards presented by Commander Ralph E. Thomas and

                                                                                   Programs Director, Stephen Van Buskirk

                Joint Session Adjourned


                                  12:15 P.M.       Call to Order

                                                              Appointment of Committees

                                                                Reading of Convention Rules, Chairman Bill Satchell

                                                                Recognition of Special Guests

                                                                Report of:

                                                                                State Chaplain, James Gray

                                                                                State Surgeon, Wayne Hagan

                                                                                Resolutions Committee, Chairman George Langford

                                                                                Report of Officers, Commanders, Chairmen:                                                               

                                                                                Report of Service Officer/Homeless Veterans, George Langford            

                                 3:00 P.M.             Adjourn

              4:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.           Senior Vice Commander/President Reception 

                                 8:00 P.M.             “Buddy Poppy” Contest

                                                              Salute to Patriotism Contest

                                    9:00 P.M.         Dance


Saturday-June 23, 2007

                6:30 A.M.                              Past Commanders Breakfast

8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.         Registration

                                  8:30 A.M.      Business Session (Ritual Opening)

                                                                U. S. Representative, Congressman John Barrow

        Report of:

                                                                        Rules and Credentials Committee, Chairman  Bill Satchell

                                                                        Budget and Finance Committee, Chairman  Chuck Gilbert

                                                                        Time and Place Committee, Chairman Ron Keller

                                                                        Redistricting Committee,  Chairman  Pat Callahan

                                                                        Constitution and By-Laws Committee, Chairman  Ray Brooks

                                                                        Veterans Service Committee, Chairman Dick Dickens

                                                                         Resolutions Committee, Chairman  George Langford

                                                                         Official Visit of State President, Sue Ann Noyes

                                                      Report of Chairmen:  (Reports and Awards as required)

                                                                          National Association of VFW Scouters,  Frederic Sieg

                                                                          Legislative,  Albert Spears

                                                                          Golf Tournament,  Richard Slaney

                                                                          Military Assistance Program,  Edward P. Grealish, Jr.

                                                                          Buddy Poppy,  John Bogardus

                                                                          Americanism/Loyalty Day,  James Fitzpatrick

                                                                          Community Service,  Dwayne Epps

                                                                          Hospital,  Wayne Hagan

                                                                          Youth Activities,  Randy McElroy

                                                                          Safety,  Marshall Moore

              Publications Committee,  Stuart Ginsberg  

              POW/MIA,  Tom Morris

                                                                          Operation Uplink – Bill Satchell

                                                                          Bingo/Raffle,  Leo Ott

              V.A.V.S. Representatives and Associates


                                                                Introduction of Distinguished Guest(s)


    Report of:

                                                                     Senior Vice Commander, Dean Smith

                                                                     Junior Vice Commander, Dwayne Epps

                                                                     Judge Advocate, David Pipes


                                                                                         Dean Smith Director

                                                                                         Recognition of Division Commanders

                                                                                               Leo Ott                 (Districts 5,6,7)

                                                                                               Ed Grealish           (Districts  9,10,12)

                                                                                               Dick Dickens       (Districts 1, 8,11)

                                                                                               Ray Brooks          (Districts 2, 3, 4)

                                                                                               Helen Denton       Life Membership                                                                                                                                                                  Chief of Staff,  Roy Jordan

                                                                        State Inspector,  Harry Lambert

                                                                        Past State Commander,  Manis Long

                                                                        State Adjutant/Quartermaster,  Al Spears

                                                                         8th District Council Member,  Randy Coggins

                                                                        *    National Representative, 

                                                                                                *Speak at his convenience

                                                                         State Commander,  Ralph Thomas


                                                            Administrative Announcements,  State Adjutant/Quartermaster, Al Spears

                                2:00 P.M.       Adjourn


6:00 P.M.      Reception - No Host Bar

                         6:30 P.M.       Banquet Honoring All State Team, and Outstanding Presidents

                                                             Past Commanders Club Award           

                                                             Ms. LAVFW Award  -  Mr. VFW Award

                                                           Guest Speakers:  National Representatives Stephanie Martin and Stephen Van Buskirk                                                                                                 

            9:00 P.M. – Midnight       Dance




Sunday-June 24, 2007

         8:30 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.        Registration

                                 9:00 A.M.        Devotional Service (Joint)

                               9:20 A.M.        Joint Business Session


                                  9:40 A.M.       Joint Session Adjourned       

                                9:45 A.M.       Call to Order

                                                                Final Report:

                                                                                Rules and Credentials Chairman,  Bill Satchell

                                                                                Resolutions Committee Chairman,  George Langford

                                                                New Business: 

                                                          Nominations and Election of Officers


                                                          Installation of Officers, John F. Gwizdak,  Past Commander-in-Chief  

                                                         Closing of Convention, Commander Ralph Thomas


                                                   Council of Administration Meeting (Immediately following Convention)